Thinking “Outside the Box” Development
Thinking “Outside the Box” Development
Thinking “Outside the Box” Development


Lion’s Pride Chevron – Coming Soon

CHALLENGE – Finding a site for a fast-growing C-store client at the busy intersection of Vaughn Road and Bell Road in Montgomery, AL., with all four corners not available.

ACTION – Client called John Mottram to investigate purchasing an existing business at a key intersection in Montgomery.  John presented an opportunity to purchase an assembled property that wrapped an existing business but featured frontage and access to both Vaughn and Bell Roads.

RESULT – Client closed on the property that provides fantastic accessibility and visibility.  This assemblage resulted in a superior location.

TESTIMONIAL – “John had the vision to assemble a site that will prove to be more accessible and visible than a hard corner location.  With his ability to think outside the box, I knew I had the best commercial real estate broker.”  B. Patel

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