Kabuki Steak House
Kabuki Steak House
Kabuki Steak House

Taking Restaurant Owner to the Next Level

Kabuki Steak House –  Tiger Town, Opelika, AL

Challenge  Securing a prime location for a small local restaurant operator at a regionally dominant retail location.  The preferred site was owned by a developer who only liked “regional type tenants”.

Action  Client called John to seek help in an expansion plan.  John provided an analysis of two market locations recommending only dominant regional centers.  As soon as a site was selected, he worked with the Landlord/Owner to finalize a lease at a great location.

Result  Within 60 days, John was able to select a site, negotiate a Letter of Intent, and finalize a lease agreement at the most dominant shopping center in the Auburn-Opelika market.  The lease was negotiated with terms and conditions not normally granted to smaller tenants.   This regional location takes a small restaurateur to a higher level of exposure.

Testimonial  “We tried reaching out to larger regional centers and could not get our calls returned.  With John’s experience and contacts, he brought immediate credibility to our restaurant.  He was knowledgeable regarding important lease clauses and we know we have a lease that protects our best interest.  We are doing extremely well at this shopping center and would highly recommend SVN|JJMottram.”

Wei di Chen & Wei Chen

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