Circle K – Sylacauga, AL
Circle K – Sylacauga, AL
Circle K – Sylacauga, AL

Challenge – Located a site on Hwy 280 near Sylacauga, AL, for a national C- store operator.  Needed direct access to Hwy 280 with a site that was large enough to accommodate a minimum of 8 MPDs and High-Speed Diesel. The site was a compilation of 4 landowners who needed price coordination, due diligence, and the closing of 4 separate contracts.

Action – Did a void analysis to pinpoint the best location for this C-store. Located site, negotiated 4 separate contracts, and coordinated all critical dates to ensure a smooth closing. The site had some title issues so we engaged the best 3rd party professionals to resolve this.

Results – Despite title issues and the challenges of working with 4 different landowners, we were able to close on time and deliver the C-store on budget.

Testimonial – “It was obvious that SVN|JJMottram has done these types of projects.  There were many obstacles; the Alabama Department of Transportation, City government, title issues, and difficult sellers.   He worked through all the issues promptly and delivered the site on time.”  Hooker More, LLC

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