265 Acres Sold, Dothan, AL
265 Acres Sold, Dothan, AL
265 Acres Sold, Dothan, AL

Challenge – Marketing a large parcel of property that was inherited by a brother and sister.  Even though the property received local interest, the sellers were reluctant to accept the first offer from a local residential developer.

SVN|JJMottram showed the sellers how national exposure would improve their marketing strategy.

Action – After executing the listing agreement, SVN compiled a complete due diligence information package, ordered drone videos, and engaged in mass email services. Within three weeks, SVN was able to market to over 3,000 prospects.

Result – Sold 120 of the 265-acre parcel to a residential developer at a price per acre that exceeded all previous offers. Six months after closing on the 120 acres, we placed the balance of the acreage under contract with a very well-known regional residential developer.  It is a very short due diligence and fully expect this contract to close.

Testimonial – ” SVN|JJMottram delivered on what he told us to expect.  The large-scale marketing strategy assured us that we received the highest and best price. We highly recommend SVN|JJMottram.”  R. Byrd

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